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    Is there anyone out there that knows what the rules and regulations are about oil tanks. My builder has installed one that looks like a glorified water butt, however, before I pursue the matter with him I need to know what I’m talking about.

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    They sometimes do look like that!
    Assuming it’s a polyethylene tank, it must have been manufactured to conform with UNE 53432 and its installation must conform with UNE 53993. Edit, this seems to have been superceded by UNE-EN 13341:2005.
    If it’s a glass fibre reinforced plastic tank, then it must have been manufactured to conform with UNE-EN-976-1 and its installation must conform with UNE-EN-976-2.
    The tank itself should be marked/stamped and have some form of paperwork/guarantee.
    You can also get steel tanks.
    Obviously what you get will depend on what you specified to your builder. Polyethylene tanks must be protected from the action of ultra violet rays by means of a roof.
    Any tank used for gasoil must conform to the relevant regs otherwise your gasoil supplier can refuse to deliver.

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    Thank you for that Hillybilly.

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