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      Hi all,
      I know i said i would not touch off-plan with a barge pole
      but does anyone know of any 100% safe and legal developments around Mijas

      or are they as rare as rocking horse droppings 8)

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      Hi Chilly

      There are a lot of people in the Mijas area trying to sell their off plan purchase they bought 2 years ago and it is possible to buy one cheaper than the developers are offering today, so shop around, have a look and obviously make sure you get good legal advice.

      Also one more point to note – dont leave a deposit until you have walked away and thought about it. Regardless of what you will be told there is a glut of off plans on the market and you dont need to make a hasty decision. Only go ahead when your lawyer and you are sure everytihg is in place. But why buy off plan – when you could buy a completed apartment for less than the developers are offering?

      Best wishes


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      Would agree with Vince here, the market is slooooooooow and the resale market would be the best place to bag a bargain.
      There are loads of “off plan” resales around mijas costa, mainly around La Cala de Mijas and Mijas Golf and yes I until recently lived on Mijas Golf so I know just how much property has been built and has been sitting on the market for months if not years 😯
      Stick to resale, with LFO’s in place, where you can haggle on the price, see what your getting and know WILL be built, can’t see ANY benefit to off plan in the current climate.

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      Buy a re-sale that is built with all correct pemissions in place and communal facilities already finished.

      Never benchmark the price of any re-sale property against what the Developer/Sales Agents are asking for ‘Latest phase to be released’ (there is always a premium charged and paid for new build). Benchmark a re-sale against what other (like for like) re-sales have sold for (not what is being asked for them).

      If you have no urgent requirement to buy now, why not wait? There is both macro and micro negative economic pressure on Spanish property prices.[/b]

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