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      Hi all,

      I’ve just joined this website and am looking for information on this company. Has anyone had any experience of them. They have an off plan development, Esteponia Beach & country Club in the Costa Del Sol, has anyone bought any of these appartments? They appear to be very over priced, expense furniture package. They recommend Jonathan Ogley and Associates (Lawyers) , has anyone heard of them?

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      I will be happy to tell you what I know about them amd our experiences. Just drop me a pm and I will update you.

      Others I know have bought with them and have found that their property was being built by Aifos. There was a huge court case between them. Our friends were fortunate and got thier money back

      We have been delayed by over a year which seems almost to be the norm these days. As you rightly point out, the furniture is vastly overpriced but they state that the affiliated travel company will market your place through the brochure etc… The only problem I have found (in my experience) is that when you carry out a web search for holiday lets etc.., the company (OVP Travel) never feature in the results

      Others may tell you that they are the ‘best thing since sliced bread’

      Knowing what I know now, reading what I have read on this forum and having waited for over three years, I would say…………

      It is a buyers market. take a trip to the region, find some real estate agents and look for a re-sale or existing new property. I’m sure that there won’t be much difference between the prices for an existing apartment and what OV are charging for ‘off plan’

      There is no longer the ‘mark-up’ or ‘killing’ to be made that there was five years ago

      Regarding the solicitors, OV used a different company when we bought. The owner of that company was buying through OV at the same time. I don’t know whether they still do business, or like us, they got totally exasperated with OV.

      I’m not sure whether you have been on the inspection trip yet, but I would be interested to find out just how near the plot you are talking about is to the beach!! 😉

      Hope this helps

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      We are at the moment in the process of buying an apartment from Ocean View Properties on Estepona Beach and Country Club. We took the option of going to visit via the inspection trip which we found to be an excellent weekend but not long enough to digest the area fully, this was in March 2006. We then decided to go for a break using the Ocean View Travel company who we found very professional (except for the confusing booking form), the apartments proved to be maintained to a very high standard and the local agent a pleasure to meet. On this visit we took it upon ourselves to visit the site but unfortunately no ground works have started (October 2006). We would say the company and their agents come across as very professional people but they lack greatly on the communication skills. As for the cost of the properties it would appear that Estepona is the ‘up and coming want to be area’. The furniture package does appear to be quite expensive but then it does include everything, you don’t need to buy a thing or even shop for it, they do it all for you.

      Has anybody else out there been and visited since October?

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      Hi Philo.

      I have just found your posting on this forum site. I suggest that you log onto Eye On Spain and search for Estepona Beach & Country Club. There is so much info about them on there & it is NOT good. If you have any problems, please pm me.


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