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    Hi everyone,

    Can anyone explain to me what the reasoning behind these is? I live in Asturias and have just purshased an obras so we can renovate our house. I simply went to the ayuntamiento with my completed form, handed over a large wad of money and got given a lovely set of stamped bits of paper in return, it all took 30 minutes!…no thinking about it, no looking at architects drawings etc…

    As far as I can see, this is simply a way of the ayuntamiento getting money out of me, or as a Spanish friend put it, a tax..yet you pay IVA on the building materials, added to the builders costs etc….

    Why do I need this? How does it benefit me?

    The good news is that having got this, our builder is starting in January! (maybe I have answered my own questions there!)

    Thanks – Merry Christmas to all,


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    The main benefit to you is that if renovation works are carried out under the auspices of a minor works licence, when you come to sell, the costs of the improvements can be offset against any gain in the value of the property and so reduce your CGT liability.

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