Not so Litigous Lawyers after all

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      There was a large firm of estate agents who seriously misled purchasers abroad.

      They used an agressive firm of London Lawyers to threaten litigation at the merest hint of any wrongdoing by them, to website hosts and forum users.

      However, I found certain detail which was freely available about their chairman, IMO a nasty piece of work, so, I took the bull by the horns and emailed his/their lawyers in London on 3 occasions castigating them for taking on this scumbag’s legal work putting fees/money before principles, whilst at the same time putting them right about this chap and his firm. I was happy to put it in writing too, fully expecting some comeback.

      Guess what, they didn’t put up a fight, they knew I was right and that they were facing a challenge which I would have made public if necessary.

      So, sometimes the bully boys don’t have cajones after all, they crawl back under their dark damp rock if people do stand up to them and make it known. 8) They only pick on the weakest 😡

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      Good for you Angie. It’s maybe time for the Spanish government to take the same lead. Where champions lead others follow.

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      Angie, as they and all assosiated companies are in the process of winding up. Do you think that they care or the lawyers that have represented are going to work for them and not get paid.
      Lawyers will take any scumbags as far there is fees in it for them.

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      You are quite right shakeel that most lawyers will act for even the lowest of the low provided they can charge a fat fee as in the case I was referring to.

      As logan points out, others will sometimes follow a lead and it’s the point of principle that I decided to make my case, incidentally I was pretty libellous (hope I’ve spelt it right) about their client who I called a crook and a scumbag too, and happy to put it in writing.

      We’ve been pretty successful in the past about getting articles in some National newspapers and maybe the Lawyers were aware of this.

      Attack is the best form of defence, it works with dodgy parking charges, erroneus debt collectors and all sorts of things, they find they have easier fish to fry, ie the weak! 🙄

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