Not so cheap Spanish Property !

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      Looking to purchase a resale property ( because of all the problems with off plan ) in the Murcia region 05/06 , and a collegue in the Costa Blanca gave me a breakdown of typical estate agents fees.
      He has bought and sold two properties with a leading estate agent
      ( cuspide) and their fees were 15% to the seller + 7% to the buyer .On a typical €200,000 property the fees would be :-

      Buyer receives €164,000

      15% sale commission €24,600
      7% buyer commission €11,480
      Agents Total €36,000

      10% buying costs €20,000

      TOTAL = €56,000 😯

      note:- seller pays IVA & plusvalia

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      You could actually set yourself up as an estate agent in Spain for about €5000, then arrange to collaborate with the selling agent with yourself as client and split the commission 50/50 with him.

      Or just get your colleague in the Costa Blanca to do it. A plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a fox.

      Alternatively, just ask the agent to put in writing the commission he will make before you hand over a cent. If it looks outrageous, either negotiate him down to a sensible level (certainly no more than 5%) or find another agent who wants to play.

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      The area is refered to by agents as” The land of milk and honey”
      (which translates to 15%+ commission to you and me)

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