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      Hi – We have been offered a 1000m2 plot of land in Manilva. The land does not currently have “Urban” staus. The owner of the land wants Eur.180,000 of which he wants only Eur.50,000 to be the “official” purchase figure. Is this normal practice? It is likely that the land will become “Urban” in the future as it is flanked by houses – which one assumes were built wihtout planning permision some time ago. We are only really interested in placing a “Retreat” home on it ( – this is classed as a caravan. Does anyone know if there are any issues with placing these on said land? Thanks in advance!

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      Yes – tread very carefully!

      Firstly the land – it may be reclassified and it may not – you will never fully know and to try to find out can be fun. You need to go and check the local PGOU and use a good local lawyer to see if it may in time be reclassified and what the procedure is. Then take the worse case scenario that it wont be for many many years!!! Re the payment, cash under the table has until recently been common and is still common practice – however it is illegal as both of you are avoiding various tax! If its a spanish owner you may be buying on a compraventa – the same simple form used to buy a car!!! Land or property does not HAVE to be registered in the property registry, only if there is a mortgage involved, so again it could be pie in the sky! If you pay the rest after 50k cash, and get found out then YOU will be liable for the capital gains involved so not recommended in this day and age where the authorites are NOT turning a blind eye to theis

      No the use – again until recently people were getting away with placing effectively a caravan on a site, blocking the wheel in but providing there are whells then it is not classified as a property. HOWEVER again the authorities are getting used to this and a couple of owners have had to move/demolish their dwelling!

      If I were you I would get a very very good lawyer on your side and talk it through as you may end up severely out of pocket!

      Good luck with your choice.

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      Hello 007,
      The owner is trying to rip you off. 1000m2 of land in Manilva is not worth 180k with planning permission. Was the owner smoking crack?
      Without permission, remove the 0 and you’ll be a lot closer to the real value.
      (Just as a reference, I was offered 25,000m2 of land in Casares with planning permission for 300k a few years ago when house prices were considerably higher)

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