Non-residents Property Tax?

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    Question for any fiscal experts please:

    I have just read on the net that there is a tax return that all non residents property owners must submit by 31 December each year?

    We have paid S.U.M.A and local council fees i.e. basura and obvioucly our community fees.

    Stated that we must submit form 214? Is this correct, what is it and how do we obtain one. We took possession of our apartment in April 2006 and do not rent it out!

    Many thanks in anticipation

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    I would be interested in finding an answer to this post too as we bought our house in september 2007 and it’s in too much of a state to rent it out! Don’t want to get into trouble if we are supposed to submit a form stating that we have no income on the property and confirming we live out of the country.

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    If you are non-resident you have to pay two taxes. One is a notional tax whch assumes that you receive rental. It has to be paid whether you rent or not. The other is a tax on the value of the property. Both are paid on form 214.

    The 214 is available at your local tax office and (maybe) at an Estanco. Most people employ a Gestor to do it. You Lawyer will also do it (for an outrageous fee!).

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    Many thanks Katy. I had a good look through the spanishpropertyinsight site and found a section on Tax which was helpful also.


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    Thank you Katy, apologies, I also found the information on the site after I had (hastily) posted the message.

    Will need to sort this out as it looks like we are already in arrears!! ūüė≥

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