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      Can anyone explain why, having read most of the articles about this matter on this site, I am being advised by my legal representatives in Spain that I have to pay 2% of the cadastral value on my property in Spain and not the 1.1% that’s quoted.

      Valuation date 1999, so after the date of 1st January 1994 that appears in these articles, as the cadastral value has not been revalued in the last 10 years. This ruling has been applied to the taxes paid for 2015/2016 as I bought my property in 2005.

      My advisors say that due to the cadastral value of my property not being modified following a “collective assessment procedure” of the values according to the Cadastral rulings, as explained in article 85.1 for the applicable law as of 1st January 2015, I now have to pay the 2%.

      Has anyone else been caught out by this ruling and is it being correctly applied?


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      I did mine at 1.1%.

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