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      Well we have been left out of the Withdrawal Agreement and now limited to 90 days in 180.Owners who have 2nd homes who bought whilst in EU and stay less than 183 days and have been filing Modelo210 regularly need a better deal before next winter.

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      As a non resident property owner of 15 years the biggest headache is how do you invite your own family to stay in your own apartment if you have to be resident to send an invite?

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      Think you have to get permission from the local mayor.Maybe done quite easily with a visit to Ayuntamiento. Maybe it can be an ongoing one that you don’t have to ask every time for same people. It’s rather crazy but there it is!

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      Yes many neglect to file Modelo 210. Non Resident Tax The tax is not much for a small apartment but fines accumulate if neglected and get charged if you sell. But I have always done it because it protects from ever being assessed for National taxes provided you do keep to less than 183 days per year – was advised Hacienda do check sometimes!

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      Brexit has really hit home as I have 6 tourist apartments and now having to return to paying 24.5% off the top of gross earnings with no running costs allowances including  €1200IBI???

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      Mark Stücklin

      Yes, it must work out as north of 30% after costs. Quite a few people will conclude it’s not worth it.

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