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    I am currently a UK citizen and permanent UK resident.

    If I were to register as a non resident in Spain [in order to obtain NIE number for the purchase of a Spanish vehicle or property], would I then also be obliged to declare my non Spanish worldwide assets?

    Much of what I’ve read on this subject is somewhat dated and to a certain extent contradictory – so is anyone able to advise the current position please?

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    Mark Stücklin

    No you would not. Only residents are obliged to declare.

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    My thanks for the speedy reply.

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    And as a non-resident, is there any type of tax return that one has to submit to the Spanish tax authorities?

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    We just got a 1-year non-lucrative ‘permeso de residencia’.  I was told that this kind of residence permit (which does not all us to earn income) does not require us to declare world-wide assets.  True or false?

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    You can register as non resident by not spending more than  182 days in the tax year 1.1 to 31.12 including days entering and leaving and then in the following tax year filing Modelo  210 before 31.12 For this I am asked by the local Assessoria for copy of my IBI receipt from the Ayuntamiento showing the cadastral value for the year  to do the correct notional tax and he does it for 20 euros and I have to pay about 15 euros tax and Bankia across the road transmit it free to Hacienda.

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