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      Can anyone recommend a good company to help me apply for an NIE number?  I had a terrible experience recently with    Their website made it sound really easy but when it turned out that I would incur over £500 worth of legal costs in the UK, I decided not to go ahead.  But they refused to give me my money back even though all they had done is sent me a very simple document which the notaries I spoke to said was wrong anyway.  Could really do with someone who can handle the whole process and won’t charge the earth, oh, and won’t rip me off just because I paid in advance.

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      I got mine when i bought a house because it was obligatory i suppose. You could try opening a bank account or going into an estate agent and asking.

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      I have just returned from El Puerto Santa maria .

      I was given advice from the estate agent that a solicitor is not necessary to get an NIE number or for any of the process to buy my property as he was skilled to do it all and it would be free .He took me to the police station to register for my number.I kept asking are you sure there are no costs to me and he said it was all free dont worry! .In the end he could not supply me with an inventory for the goods in the apartment for the personal contract even though I extended my trip by 4 days at his request at an additional costs of 500 euros and I felt vulnerable so I hired a solicitor ,turns out he had made me liable for the owners mortgage/bank taxes and the personal agreement should also include his wife’s signature because they were a family with children ,I withdrew my interest with this agent he then said if I wanted my NIE receipt back I would have to pay him 500 euros.Please it is a case of buyer beware .Now my solicitor wants half of his fee’s paid and I have no property and  a very expensive working trip to Spain to cost in.

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      Mark Carr

      For a Spanish non-resident NIE, you apply at any Spanish police station in Spain or the Spanish Embassy in your home country. This NIE only allows you to do a specific act in Spain, such as buy property.

      NIE Duration: 90 days; the renewal procedure is the same as the original.

      Processing Time. Depends on where you apply; in Barcelona about three weeks.

      Documents Required:
      a) The NIE Application
      b) Your Passport
      c) A letter signed by a Spanish Notary Public explaining why you want a NIE

      Process (in Barcelona): Book an appointment online; go to the police station on your date and hand in the documents; go to a bank to ‘fee in’ the application (costs about 10€); go back to the police station and hand in the payment receipt. After the NIE is signed by the ‘officer in charge’ you receive it (could be the next day).

      Tip: The person you hire should prepare the documents; go to the police station and the bank with you to translate and to ensure everything goes right.

      Fee: Expect to pay between 200€ to 350€. The notary might charge to issue the NIE letter.

      Questions: Mark Carr at or +34 664665365

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      I’d go and see another notary in the UK if I were you. £500?

      I paid £90 for Power of Attorney document for applying for a NIE remotely and used to get mine, but you will still need a POA.

      All “remote” applications through 3rd party will require this document so changing the “company who applies on your behalf” will not be enough.

      If you are in Spain just follow the advice above and apply yourself, if you were like me and wanted to get one without traveling then find another notary.


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        I’ve done this twice, once for myself wth a subsequent renewal, and once for my son – both relating to property purchases – they were both done out of Spain via the Embassy, in 2 seperate locations. The form is simple, embassy staff have proved helpful, fee which is minimal like 10 euros paid on spot, NIE returned electronically within 5 days. Only info needed was Passport and a letter from Estate Agent (No charge) .

        Hope that assists – I looked at a number of on line sites, possed questions and became convinced they couldnt provide solutions. I’d strongly recommend if you are in UK or esewhere in Europe and can easily access an Embassy go for a dIY approach – save the stress and the cash… just an opinion

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      Chris Nation

      With ref to an earlier post, I don’t think you can go to “any police station in Spain”. You must go to the one in the town/barrio where you are living/intend to live. In Valencia city there is a police station that deals solely with NIEs, 500m down the street which runs past the right of rail station.

      <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>For those who need this office, you need to get there well before it opens – there will be a queue already – and if you are lucky you will be given a numbered ticket. The policeman who gives these out will give you an approximate time that you should return to the office to be seen.</span>

      <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>You don’t need the help (= expense) of  any legal eagle or notary. The form is simple enough to fill in – I found an English “template” of a completed form on line somewhere. In the part where it asks for the reason you are applying, “para comprar una propiedad” did the trick for me.</span>

      It seems people have been paying exorbitant fees for something that, unless your circumstances make it very difficult or impossible, you can do for yourself for the €10-12 application fee.

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