"No one expects the Spanish Inquisition"!

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    Does anybody with their feet on the ground really KNOW the true depth of the Spanish property market? Does anyone really KNOW how much someones house is worth? Can anyone really gauge, at what speed and where the market is heading in the next five years? Nobody. Thats who. The only thing that governs the market trend for the future is what WE do about it.

    How many other “tabloid news” stories is this coast going to achieve to bring it back to the tacky drain of criminals it has tried to shake off from years before? The Costa del Sol has and always will be a good parallel with the “posh girl at school”. Easy target to sling mud at. Easy to resent her because she had nice things and a fabulous life style. She was better looking than all the rest so everyone hated her really. All the world will be happy to pick up on the bad elements of this coast and thats why the property market must reflect that view. If more people are coming here, more people are buying and renting homes here. The figures PROVE that. And where are they buying these houses? Some of the richest, most interesting and mostly downright dull clients visit this coast every year and they all have money to spend on their “dream”. Spain without the bull. Living the dream like they saw on the telly………

    Reputation seems to mean nothing in a place where no one knows your last name or even after many years only know you as “that bloke from the Free Fight night club”. No one stays long enough to trust anyone. When you consider that the Costa del Sol is like a drifters paradise, its no wonder why people laugh at you when you threaten them with court. Its truly a joke to them. They know that either they wont be around, or you wont. I speak from years of experience. I should have roughly to date around 12 court cases going within the last three years if I could be bothered. I WOULD be bothered in the UK as if pursuing there what I wished to in the UK, I would win. Open and closed. Here, its just closed. and closed……and closed……and bank holiday…..and before you know it you are a year into the court proceedings and nothings happened. By which time the guy your taking to court has legged it and long gone, as he would have done with or without proceedings against him. Of which there were undoubtedly, many.

    So who is to protect the lambs to the slaughter when they land at Malaga airport with their agents smiling at them at the gate? The law? The long arm of the law in Spain is to be respected and the police are NEVER to be messed with. With the powers they have invested in them on the street because of the dangerous crimes they have to encounter, they have more than earned their respect. Feared or not. But the other side of the law, the administrative and decision making side? Well, dont hold your breathe. Buying abroad is always with risk and legalities are important. But also so are the middle men who work up and down this coast as agents representing the future property market of this part of Southern Spain. Now I would say that quite a responsibility lies on their fair shoulders wouldn.t you? But that not the agents problem. The average agent only stays in one company for an average of three to six months. So the responsibility lies within the property companies who employ them to spread the good word of the coast in all its glory. Bless.

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    Here Here!!

    Its really good to hear that someone speaks their mind about agents on the Costa del Sol. The reason we are buying in Portugal is for bad experiences in Southern Spain. We just could not find one agent that was not tarred with the same brush.

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