No "Cédula de segunda ocupación" when buying bank repossesed property?

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      In total we have found 3 properties we like and obviously one of them we would like to buy, but …

      2 of the properties are reposessions from banks and the bank says they do not supply “La Cédula de segunda ocupación” or “Licencia de habitabilidad”. We understand that those 2 expressions are the same. Are they?

      We asked the architect at the town hall AND the notary and they both confirm that one must have this “Cédula” in this area (03769 Benimeli and Sanet y Negrals), otherwise the notary will not sign the contract.

      With this information we went back to the bank, but they simply ignored us!

      The 3rd property is a private sale of a chalet in the “campo” which apparently has all the paperwork done, but still the architect of the townhall and the notary insist that this “Cédula” is needed, otherwise the notary won’t sign the documents.

      The first 2 properties are town houses built in the 1930ies and renovated to a very good standard and the 3rd property in the “campo” was built in 2002.

      We have asked the banks AND the owner of the property in the campo to let us do and pay for this cedula, but we were told that according to the new laws only the current owner can apply for such a cédula and prices quoted were between 180 Euros and 500 Euros.

      We were also told NOT to sign any contracts until the “Cédula de segunda ocupación” is supplied, because if not it can get VERY costly after signing, should a notary be found who will actually sign those contracts which is doubtful.

      BTW: The above mentioned properties are not what one would consider “cheap” or below market value.

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