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      can any one tell me if its possible to get an NIE without being in Spain? if so what is the process and how long does it take?
      it is for Cadiz province so would be dealt with in Ronda.

      Thanks in advance

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      You can go to your local Spanish consulate with your form filled in and give them the application. They will witness it and confirm who you are, then they send it to Madrid. It could take up to 3 months for the number to arrive. They will only send it to a Spanish address and not your UK address so you would need somewhere to send it. Spanish consulates are in London, Manchester and I think Glasgow.

      The form can be downloaded here then select “Impreso-solicitud”

      Take your passport and 2 photocopies of the main page of your passport (the page that includes your photo, name, passport number, address, etc.).

      2 recent passport size photographs with a plain coloured background.

      The original purchase contract document (plus 2 photocopies ) that justifies your reason for applying for an NIE number.

      An A4 envelope addressed to:

      Comisaría General de Extranjería y Documentación
      Dirección General de Policia
      C/ General Pardiñas, 90
      28006 Madrid

      A self addressed A4 envelope

      The appropriate application form duly completed but NOT SIGNED OR DATED as you will need to sign in the presence of a consular official.

      I also know of a local Spanish lawyer than can still get you the NIE for you without you visiitng the consulate or Spain. Not sure of the cost but if you PM me I will give you his number.

      Hope this helps


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      I would not recommend using the Spanish Consulate in UK for obtaining NIE numbers as the process is slow. Last time I had a client go that route they flagged him as resident which then caused a delay on his non-resident mortgage – and it took quite a few weeks to get that resolved and a delayed completion as a consequence!

      In Spain an NIE mumber can be obtained in a couple of days – you now have to pay an official fee of EUR15.70 per application. So just come to Spain a few working days before you need it.

      For someone else to obtain it on your behalf they will need an executed power of attorney and show proof as to why you need the number (ie probate or conveyancing matter etc).

      If you’ve got a Spanish solicitor then they should be taking care of all this for you and providing you with appropriately worded POA for execution in UK and telling you exactly what is the process.

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      Our solicitor gained our NIE for us in October last year in Cartagena without us being present. It meant we had to give them power of attorney and a bank account had to be opened in Cartagena to prove we had a link with the area (we bought in Almeria). It took about 2 weeks from the solicitor dropping the application off to it being collected (one run for many applicants).


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      Thanks all for the replies,
      i think i ll be over at the end of the month so i will go to ronda and get it sorted, can my solicitor open a bank account on my behalf once i have obtained the NIE?

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      If you are in Spain just walk into which bank you choose and do it. Your Lawyer does not need to be involved.

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      With money laundering regulations you need to be present at some point in time to open bank accounts etc. I believe money laundering was also one of the reasons the police tightened up in the issue of NIE numbers if being done by some other party using a POA – one time if was easy now they review documentation and contracts etc.

      On the topic of banks Solbank/Banco Sabadell appear to be one of the better banks and their staff always speak good English and tend to be fairly helpful and friendly. If there is one of those close to where you live it might be worth dropping in. I wouldn’t waste any time with Barclays as their Spanish branches are even less efficient than their Uk branches and there is no real benefit even if you are a barcclay UK customer.

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