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      What is a provisional NIE number? A Spanish accountant has told me that they were unable to register us for tax as our NIE numbers are only provisional. What on earth does that mean? Why were we not told and why would they only be provisional?

      We applied before we bought our property when we wanted to open a bank account. We are currently non residents

      If we have not completed our tax form by the end of the year will that be a problem? What sort of penalties are there in Spain for non completion?

      Thanks for your help. I am panicking a little here particularly as I put my passport in the post today for renewal so cannot go over and apply for the next couple of weeks anyway


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      I have never heard of a provisional NIE number 😕 Once obtained it stays with you for life.

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      Hi Sally

      When I applied for my NIE number (February 2001) I was given a receipt (blue form I recall). On this form was a reference number. Eventually when I went to the police station I received my formal NIE certificate. It took six weeks for me to get my NIE certificate. Maybe your accountant is referring to the receipt number?

      a) How long has it been since you applied for your NIE and
      b) Have you (or representative) been to collect your certificate or enquired about it?

      In my day, you had to collect it from the police station where you applied.

      Good luck


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      The provisional means you applied for it but didnt actually collect the proper one. Whoever applied for you should have the reciept for yo to go and collect it, if not, go to the police station with it on an official document adn your passport, they will re issue it (maybe for a fee of course!)

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      Although there is no such thing as a provisional NIE Number, some government offices (e.g. employment office) do give you a ‘fake’ or temporary NIE Number which is very limited and needs to be replaced by a proper one. These ‘fake’ NIE Numbers start by the letter U, instead of X or Y.

      Regarding not filing your taxes on time, you will have to pay a surcharge (generally 5% of the amounts owed if paid within the next 3 months) plus interests.

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