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    In my ignorance I thought a NIE number was a thing for life, like one’s UK N.I. number. (Yes, I know, it does say ‘valid for 3 months’ on the certificate. Doh !).

    Having acquired a NIE for a property purchase 2013, I am now about to repeat the pantomime again (a trek from Wales upto the London Consulate) for the purpose of making a spanish will and payment of the ‘Imputed Tax’.

    Will it be necessary to get a new number annualy for the payment of the Imputed Tax or is there an alternative solution ?

    btw Thanks to those who took the time to help with my previous enquiries.

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    I am surprised to see this. I have had a property some years and the gestor who does my annual tax return has never asked me to get a new NIE number.  This fiscal number the Spanish Tax office use and all payments attributable are filed with your NIE number. I should make a phone call to the office in London that you are attending and ask them to confirm that I am right !

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    I’m surprised too. A NIE is for life as far as I know.

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    We have lived in Spain for over 15 years and when we purchsed a new car we had to apply for a new NIE number, and also get all our work contracts etc translated into English, as we work in Gibraltar, perhaps I am wrong but I believe this is a new procedure that has been put in place. It is also the same if you have to apply for a new residencia, the funny thing was we were then given our previous NIE number so it seemed to be a pointless excercise to bring in additional funds.

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