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    Two and a half years ago we sold our Spanish apartment at a huge loss, about 50 percent. We were both over 65 and retired. It was our only home and after the sale, which was done properly through a solicitor and notary with all taxes paid, our bank account was closed and we moved back to UK. Up until that time we had submitted a tax return each year. Now it seems I should have submitted one after selling……how could I with no Spanish address, no bank account. I have 15 days to sort it! Can you advise?

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    Do you have connections with Spain now?

    Are you expecting a refund of taxes?

    If the answer to both questions is NO then I wouldn’t bother doing anything. If you are no longer a resident of Spain and have no connections or financial interest in the country then why bother.

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    Had an email saying that if I did not show up at the local tax office this would be the last time they would mail me and my details would be put in the government newspaper, whatever that means.Suspect its to do with going through the official process of changing from resident to nonresident. I would never recommend anybody becomes a resident, its such a pain and we only did it because our solicitor said that there was two tiers of CGT, 35 if you were a nonresident, but that soon changed when Europe said it was illegal. Both ended up the same and being over 65 when we sold it was hypothetical anyway. Thanks for answering my drip!

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