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    Here’s some nice pictures of Spanish planning corruption. In El Ejido, no other apartment block higher than 5 stories within a radius of 20 miles.

    Blends in rather well…

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    Typical Spanish corruption.

    Is Spain the MOST corrupt country in Europe for property scams based on the volumes?

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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    although it does not exactly blend in at the moment.

    If the town is growing and new properties are needed, what else can they do? The town is surrounded by farmland.
    So either the more land can be concreted over, or they can build more densely.

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    I was thinking that was a photoshop one until I saw the second photo!

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    The building has indeed been built for 2 reasons, but not the 2 reasons you suggest. It’s simply :-

    1) Greed
    2) Planning corruption

    Greed as the developer has tried to maximise his profits by building 150+ apartments on a plot size that would only take 4 or 5 villas

    Corruption as the town planners have clearly accepted bribes to approve the construction. This building (and there is now another, but a few floors less) is so out of character to the entire area.

    I don’t know if you know the area, but there are 1000’s of square metres of waste land around and in El Ejido. It’s is certainly not farmland.

    With regard to the millions of acres of plastic greenhouses in the area. This is slowly but surely moving to North Africa, it’s now a lot cheaper to grow the vegetables there. Spain is no longer a cheap country. The reason for the growth of El Ejido over the last 20 years has been production of fruit and vegetables, but unless another industry comes to the region, I don’t see future growth continuing.

    Actually I see the developer of this project going bust, as the resort of Almerimar about 4 km away now has an abudance of apartments for sale. There has always been a 20~30% premium for a similar apartment in Almerimar, but this recession is making Almerimar affordable for young couples. And in fact a young couple, from El Ejido did just that; bought my apartment in Almerimar.

    Unless you want high rise living there are 1000’s of better choices in the area.

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    I read that el ejido has a lot of social problems. Saw it once and that was enough.

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    As we are talking about El Ejido someone would need and introduction to the village:

    (With a bit of chan-chan!)

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    But not all is so beauty:

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    Some nice video footage from that first video…

    However as a pilot myself, there is a aviation rule that prohibits the overflight of any person, animal or building of less than 500ft.

    Those shots of I assume a helicopter flying above the town are probably taken from 200ft. (look at video from 57 seconds) There are obviously exemptions that are granted for filiming purposes, but not over an unsuspecting town population.

    Oh well another rule completely ignored…..

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    the building looks great to me; it’s all the other disgusting buildings in the area that should be bulldozed !!!

    in fact the bulldozers could travel 1,000 km in both directions !!!!!!

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    I agree it’s a nice building..

    Just that it’s out of character with the surrounding area, and there is no demand for the apartments themselves.

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    We are genius!!

    Última hora

    La Policía Nacional registra el Ayuntamiento de El Ejido (Almería) en una operación contra el blanqueo de capital

    Breaking News

    Spanish police is looking at the El Ejido Council due to money laundering issues.

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    The major jailed!! 😀

    It would be for only some hours or a pair or days but is better than nothing.

    Shame of country. Tarantino should make a film called Bastards in which the objective of the team is to clear my country of majors.

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