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      For buying?

      It would be nice with an area with pool but easy reach to the central town and beach.

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      In Valencia city itself-

      1.The area west of Gran Via Fernando El Catolico between the metro stations of Turia and Angel Guimera,bounded by Calle Angel Guimera and Avenida Perez Galdos,comprising streets of Palleter,Erudito Orellana,Calixto 111,Literato Gabriel Miro,San Ignacio de Loyola,Azcarraga.Juan LLorens( last mentioned is night club street,plus or minus,you choose)-a pleasant area,large underground car park,
      close to centre
      2.The area close to La Fe hospital,north of GV Fernando-somewhat off centre,but great impression of space in this area,in my view-at least one complex with pool in this area
      3.Opposite the new City of Arts and Sciences building,beside courthouse, near Carrefour Shopping Centre are a number of modern apartment blocks,attractive,well spaced -I am sure these have swimming pools
      4.Apart from above mentioned ,I would be wary of purchasing outside an area bounded by Jardin de Turia(the filled in former river bed),GV Fernando,Calle Xativa,Calle Colon and Calle Justicia,which is broadly speaking the centro-I wold not consider large developments on the edge of the city(large families,young males=problems).There is a view that Spanish city centres may be somewhat unsafe,but in my experience they are well-lit,well-policed,with a good age mix and safer than no-go areas on the edge of cities
      5.There is a decent bus service to beach from centro -I have often walked this journey myself
      6.”Around Valencia” there are interesting options.The railway line from Valencia to Gandia runs along the coast,stopping at Silla(very pleasant,bedevilled by flying insects),Cullera(beach resort)etc.Gandia is an attractive beach resort,significant expat presence,would probably meet some of your criteria but possibly too far from Valencia
      7.Insistence on a swimming pool would limit your choice considerably-you would be purchasing in a city,not a traditional holiday resort

      8.What appeals to me might not necessarily appeal to you and essentially it is a question of doing your research on the internet and on the ground.I tend to agree with the advice that prospective purchasers should take about 2 years to select their purchase-your views are developing and being modified as you examine and discard prospective purchases-in many cases people end up,quite happily,with a property that differs markedly from their original specification

      9.Happy hunting!

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      We are flexible but like to take a swim daily when the weather is ok and walking there is fine. The prices i Valencia seem ok and i have heard its a nice genuin spanish town. Large green areas is importent in i big city like valencia.

      Somthing like this in a better area would be nice.

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