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      Hello all,
      Forgive me if this has already been discussed previously.

      I am in the very early stages of making the move to Spain. I just wanted to get a clear picture of everything that needs to be done, I have researched a bit about what I need and what I should do before leaving. I understand I need to fill out forms EX14 and EX16 – I have these downloaded, but although I will be able to translate these (thank you google translator), should I write the information in Spanish or English?

      I understand the bigger picture, but it’s the little things like the above that are throwing me off track. Any little hints or tips from experience that I can use on my journey?

      Many thanks,

      Claire 😕

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      I would do what ever you can in Spanish. You will be surprised how reseptive locals become if one responds or make effort to respond in Spanish. I have to say that this behaviour is quite universal.

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      Thanks shakeel 🙂

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      Claireco, something we did not know when we purchased, and, it wasn’t pointed out by the estate agent nor their recommended solicitor, was this: Remember if you buy off-plan or on a new development, it is the Spanish version of the legal documents, specification etc that stands up legally, not the English version even the agent’s sales brochure could be flawed if in English!

      This means that the odd mistake in translation could be huge in some ways, like you don’t end up with 2 bathrooms, or a garage, or your view is blocked when you thought it wouldn’t be etc etc

      Based on our experiences.

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      Thanks Angie, although I will be looking at Renting, this will all come in very handy when I get to that stage.

      In everyone’s experience, was it easier to do the NIE forms from the UK, or would you suggest doing it across there? I have spoken with a few solicitors and they have said they can assist with this for a small fee. Worth the money or easy enough to do from home?



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      Hi Claire – if you are going to rent then come over, get sorted and do the NIE yourself.

      No need for lawyers to do this for you and starts to get you into the knowledge of how Spain works (hopefully!)

      Have fun

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      Agree with Inez’s posting. The more you do yourself the more you will learn & spend less time sorting out mess created by other people. A simple thing is only simple if one can do it and if one can do it even complicated things becomes easy. Here is my thought for the day !!!!!!!!!

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