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      Hi everyone,

      We were issued with NIE numbers 3 years ago with one of us paying tax (on a property deal at that time). Because of legal problems with the deal we have not paid tax since. I do not know my number but my partner knows his.

      We are now buying a house and have been informed by our solicitor that we need to reapply – I’m unsure whether this is for a certificate on the old number (we never received one) or a complete new number.

      Can anyone give advice on this situation? and how do we go about getting this? and where (we have been told not the police station but a foreigners office in our local town)?

      Many Thanks ๐Ÿ˜•

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      “We were issued with NIE numbers 3 years ago with one of us paying tax (on a property deal at that time).

      So the property was bought in one of your names ???? I take it was in your partners name. The notary should have the number or a Bank if you had a mortgage,

      ” Because of legal problems with the deal we have not paid tax since.”
      What Tax are you talking about ????

      ” I do not know my number but my partner knows his.”
      It seams that you had never been issued with one.

      Other sources that you can possibly retrieve your number Car documents, IBI, banks, tax return etc. If you are a resident and working this could also be a source.

      I sugguest you talk to a Gestor.

      Have you tried you IBI, bill

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      Hello shakeel,

      The tax was the tax on the land that we had bought and yes my partners number was used(ONE OF THOSE BAD DEALS YOU KNOW THE ONE NEVER GOT PLANNING PERMISSIONS) wasted money.
      Its not that we are looking for the number we have his but never seen mine.

      We have been told there is a new law something to do with black and white code whatever that means basically we have to get our numbers again and I presume they will be issued on some sort of certificate.

      We have to go to Lorca city-Murcia to get them, but we originally had them issued in Almeria.It seems that we need new numbers this is what we do not understand,but surely when we give our names it must come up on the computer we already have been issued numbers ?


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      Your NIE number is for life. Usually you are issued with an A4 piece of paper (from the police dept where you applied) showing your NIE number. Did somebody apply on your behalf originally? In which case either your pieces of paper are still awaiting collection or whoever applied never gave them to you.
      So, your partner can keep using his and you need to find yours or, if you never had one in the first place, apply for one, if you are going to be involved in this property purchase. As said above your bank should know your number if you opened an account.
      I’m not sure what the new law re black and white code is that you are referring to. It sounds like a mixed up story. To buy a property now many notaries insist that you obtain and provide your etiquetas (black and white bar code sticky labels) from Hacienda (the tax office). To get these of course you need your NIE number first!
      You also may need to obtain the “new” certificates of residency if this applies to you but this has nowt to do with your property purchase.

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      Hi we have instructed a Lawyer to enforce our bank guarantee, but have just had a thought we don’t have NEI numbers. Will we still need to get them even though we are canceling our contract.

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      You only need an NIE number if/when you own a property.

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      Maureen: from the info it seams that at present you have a private contract between yourself & the developer so NIE number should not be required.

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      almondgrove: The new property that you are buying and if you intend to buy it together should have your name on property purchase Nota simple and/or the Escritura. Its vital to protect you position in the event that you situation changes with your partner. Further if you than wish to add your name to the property it will be costly.

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      This NIE number business is “doing my head in ” as my friend from Newcastle would say.
      Can anyone tell me the answer to a simple question?
      I obtained an NIE number 4 years ago and it was on an A4 piece of paper. It starts by saying CERTIFICA and talks about Organic Laws. The address on this piece of paper was my former address which was sold. I have now purchased a new property and I continue to be a NON RESIDENT. I have a new Escritura which contains a copy of my NIE with the old address on it. Nobody has told me that I should inform anybody that I no longer have any connection with the former address.
      Now can anybody tell me if I need to inform anybody? The Notary clearly was not bothered. Do the tax people automatically review all documents going through a Notary office to make sure that any tax is paid and if so do they automatically pick up the ownership address details?
      Being presently a NON resident I would be happy for the Tax or anybody else to contact me in UK. My Spanish Bank does this without a problem.
      My Spanish Bank is very computerised and I can do lots of things using my bank such as recharge my Spanish mobile phone when I am sitting in bed in England using WiFi.
      Is it possible that the Hacienda can provide some computerisation for changing address?

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