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      Maybe Spain could take note of this. As the Collegio de Abogados has no teeth whatsoever, a “one stop” house where corrupt Lawyers can be complained about and investigated within a reasonable time frame, would be a major step forward in the fight against crime there. It would certainly save the expensive route within Spain’s legal system. More importantly, the complaint would not fall on deaf ears.

      These two points are particularly poignant to Spain:
      Mr Sampson said:

      One of our important jobs is to help protect the vast majority of lawyers who really want to do a good job from the small number of lawyers who are in it from bad motives and who can bring down the reputation of the profession as a whole


      He also called on the Ombudsman to “name and shame” by publishing complaints data, as the Financial Ombudsman has recently started doing after years of lobbying.

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