New Law in Murcia

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    New Law in Murcia requires the architect of any new build to present a detailed booklet about the construction to the townhalls at the time the first occupation licence is applied for and issued.
    Without this in depth report, usually only issued by architect to the builder, the utility companies will not put utilities in name of owner.
    This law will also be in Almeria soon.

    Another step in the right direction,,,hopefully

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    Hi, this sounds like the same law that I asked about a couple of months back that my lawyer quoted to me, except I was told that it applied to resale houses as well, making it impossible for new owners to have contracts with the Utility companies unless the property were correctly registered in the Ayuntamiento, and that the Ayuntamiento would be required to inspect a resale property to ensure this.
    Has anyone experienced this yet ? Teresa

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