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    Good afternoon – will it be faster to use spanish consulate or provide power of attorney to resident in spain to obtain my N.I.E number

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    Hi. I don’t have full context to what you are asking for.  I’ve noticed though that in Spain, getting a friend to help get stuff done is faster than having a government employee help out.

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    You can not use a friend to obtain the NIE in Spain as you need to attend in person so I would use the Spanish Consulate

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    It’s easier to obtain NIE in the Spanish consulate by yourself, or sign a power of attorney and your lawyer could apply in Spain. Do not forget to include the copy of the Passport when you sign a power.

    If you are in Spain, you have to go to the pólice, each police take more or less time to make an appointment.

    I hope I have clarified your doubts, do not hesitate to contact me if yo have any further require.

    Marisela Castro



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