My lawyer is doubling the agreed fee

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    Some time ago I purchased property off plan in Costa del Sol through lawyers recommended to me by my estate agent. I was advised that their legal fee would be 1% in total – 0.5% on private contract and 0.5% on completion/resale.

    They have now announced that ine the case of a resale their fees are 1% of the purchase price and 1% of the resale price which is exhorbitant. I have the original e-mail from them advising me the amount owing to complete the private contract. This includes “50% legal fees” which amounts to 0.5% of the purchase price.

    In addition if I cancel the contract, they are going to charge me 0.5%, this makes no sense!

    Can anybody advise me what I can do about this situation?

    Is there a lawyers regulatory authority??

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    to my understanding that original email is a contract. They shall respect that compromise, unless you signed a different agreement, which seems not to be the case.

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    This is one reason why purchasers should not use agents’ recommended lawyers as some are on backhanders.

    I had the same problem but you should be ok with the original email as confirmation, but also ask (make sure) the estate agent sorts this problem out for you since they recommended them.

    email me on if you wish just in case we are talking about the same agent and the same lawyer, then I can tell you what I did to sort it out.

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