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      By Dave Jones
      Murcia’s president Ramón Luís Valcárcel travelled to London this week in a bid to rescue the image of the region following a series of damaging building scandals.

      Sr Valcárcel, accompanied by treasury councillor Inmaculada García, met with 20 British investors and two European banks on Tuesday in the Savoy Hotel.

      In a press release published on the regional government’s website the flying visit was described as a ‘relaunch of the image of Murcia in the British market’.

      Political heavyweights are said to be worried about the harm caused to the region following a series of articles in the UK press about building scandals, alleged corruption and over-development on the coast.

      They are also reported to be fearing a backlash in the property market over the sinking of Polaris World’s huge leisure and housing project in Alhama de Murcia.

      Last month Polaris bosses saw planning permission for their flagship Condado de Alhama resort knocked back following an acrimonious debate over ‘uncontrolled’ growth in the municipality.

      Hundreds of British buyers who had invested in the complex promoted by the world’s greatest golfer Jack Nicklaus in UK television commercials had to be offered alternative properties at other Polaris complexes.

      According to the regional government press office, Sr Valcárcel wanted to show that Murcia is a safe place to invest.

      “During his participation the president highlighted the potential on offer in the region of Murcia for British investors,” the press release states.

      “Sr Valcárcel described Murcia as a ‘young region’ which has high levels of economic growth above the national and European average.”

      The regional president also presented the case for a second airport in Murcia, less than 30 kilometres from the fast-expanding Murcia-San Javier facility.

      Sr Valcárcel talked up the Corvera scheme, saying it would provide a shot in the arm for the tourist industry and promote business.

      After the presentation Sr Valcárcel told journalists: “Murcia has changed from being a region where workers had leave for other areas to find jobs, to being a place where people are coming in from outside to find work.”

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      Murcia gunning for the UK pound

      By Dave Jones
      Murcia’s president Ramón Luis Valcárcel travelled to London for the second time in five weeks on Tuesday to promote the region to UK investors.

      Sr Valcárcel fronted a business delegation which met with British company bosses and around 50 tour operators.

      The initiative – called Murcia Comes to London – is a clear indication that the UK has become the most important market for the region’s construction industry and tourist trade.

      Murcia’s president was also promoting the export of the region’s goods including fresh fruit and vegetables, drinks and chemical products which netted businesses 537 million euros last year in trade with Britain.

      “The UK is Murcia’s principal foreign customer for real estate and tourism,” a press release put out on the regional government website states.

      “There is currently a very healthy rate of growth and the potential for even more in the short and medium term.”

      The press release also offers a reminder that Sr Valcárcel travelled to London at the end of March to ‘relaunch’ the region’s image following a series of reports in the British press about corruption and building scandals.

      This Tuesday Sr Valcárcel held a working breakfast with around 100 British businessmen.

      This was followed by a meeting with holiday company operators to present the Costa Cálida as an ‘ideal’ tourist destination.

      In the evening the president threw a ‘gala’ reception at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel.

      Guests included the Spanish ambassador as well as bankers, investors and members of the UK press.

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      I wrote a long letter to Sr Valcárcel in April advising him of the many and varied problems we have had with our off-plan purchase in Mazarron, Murcia. I thought he might be interested to hear of a personal experience which illustrates some of the issues causing the negative publicity for the area in the UK press. I hope he replies.

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      Although we are just outside the Murcia border on the coast near Aguillas it really annoys me that the officials seem to be heads down about all the corruption and problems with off plan etc. We bought off plan and nearly 3 years on we still don’t have our house . The houses do not have a licence, apparantly originally the builder submitted a project to Cuevas town hall and the Junta and was given the initial go ahead, although probably not in writing. The builder then proceeded to build a different project, which is why the Junta will not grant permission for the site.

      Basically the builder broke several urbanisation rules, most likely in flagrant disregard for legalities (the builder being a costa blanca builder) now in Andalucia. We had heard that the builder had been given a list of changes to make which must be done before the Junta will reconsider. The builder is refusing to comlpy.

      The houses on the site are finished with the rendering of walls etc to do, the houses as they are being left empty and neglected are slowly deteriating. Some of the paths are sinking and some boundary walls are cracking. No road done yet just a dust bowl. Some people did complete and moved in without having the licence. Our solicitor advised us not to as the house would not be legal and without the licence we all know you cannot get the utilities connected. We were lucky we didn’t part with all monies, but others have paid everything .

      With all the illegal builds etc it is very worryiing. I bet the President of Murcia hasn’t mentioned all the horrendous problems people are having at his gala reception. They need to put their house in order !!!!!!!
      Stop all these back handers and make sure that properties cannot be built without all the necessary legal paperwork.

      Can the Junta make this ar-ehole of a builder of ours do the required changes so the site complies to the law?
      What will happen if he doesn’t ? The Andalucian government are meant to be getting tough with illegal builds .
      Could our little site of 39 houses be demolished.

      Why can’t people be straight and honest and not thave to con one another.?

      If they want foreign investment things will have to change!
      Sorry for the rant but so frustrated needed to have a moan this Sunday afternoon. Feel better now 🙂


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      Did you get any replies Tilly? 😆 😆

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      Hi Axwhale,

      I am so sorry that you are having such problems. If all of us on the forum were buying in the same region it would make it easier to put on some pressure, but we are all over Spain!

      I haven’t had a reply as yet, but it was a long letter and he is a busy man 🙂

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      Dear Tilly
      I saw your Forum posting on
      I would be grateful for any information you could give me on water problems in Murcia and with Polaris in particular.
      Is Polaris a Spanish company? Is it sound?
      Do you have any information on Polaris’s Hacienda Riquelme?
      Many thanks
      John Nicholls

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      Hi John,

      Try this site for Polaris World information:

      There is a forum on there for Hacienda Riquelme.

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