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      We will be renting for 3 months in Mazarron. Looking for a property.
      Have seen a place called Camposol the properties seem reasonable. Anyone bought on this urbanisation., or know the locality.

      Have taken all the advice on board which is invaluable. Thank you.

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      Only passed by, but probably cheap for a reason.

      Spanish refer to it as the English Ghetto.

      Sure someone will be along that can give you more info

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      Think it wise that you rent first in this area.
      Personally tooooo many Brits and lots of holiday homes. So out of season some areas are deserted. Because of expats prices of every day items have been increased ( 2 € for coffee instead of the normal 1€ )house prices also reflect this.
      Murcia,in general ,is becoming more expensive . The new AP7 toll motorway from Cartagena to Mojacar,due to open within the next year is going to be a big financial bonus to many already in this area of Spain.

      Be interested to read your comments when you are renting there.

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      Don’t even think about buying on that development without first talking to several people who have already bought there (and I don’t mean people the developer or an agent puts you in touch with). I went to look around it last year, when I was doing an article for the Sunday Times on Murcia. Within 5 minutes of arriving I had got talking to a couple of British residents – it’s not difficult to strike up a conversation with Brits abroad. I left a few hours later thoroughly depressed by what I had heard.

      The good news is you are going to rent in the area for 3 months before buying. This significantly reduces the chance that you will buy on the wrong development.

      Down the road from Camposol there is another development called Mazarron Country Club, or something like that. Another development where you need to talk to previous buyers before you do anything.

      Good luck


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      so glad I asked the question. Unless I hear anything positive we
      will give this a miss.

      Looking for a place near local shops, bar and restaurant not too far from the beach and a few brits. We do like the Mazarron area but havent been any further than the Puerto. We are lucky as we can stay in our friends
      place for 9 months as they only use it during the summer. So we will have plenty of time to look around.

      Recommendations would be appreciated.

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      Hello Natalie

      newbie here, but have been reading this forum for some time. Joined this evening to answer your post.

      I have been to Mazarron many many times and have bought near there about 4 years ago.

      I like the area. I have visited Campasol several times as always like to go back to the developments we visited years ago to see progress.

      I can only support the comments of the administrator on both this development and the one down the road called the country club. As you are spending the next three months there you will hear all about them.

      I have also spent time about half an hour away in Los Alcazares, another really lovely seaside town. It really is worth a visit.

      I know an estate agent there, whom I have bought from before, and even though I have not bought for many years, we still meet up with him and his wife everytime we go over for a coffee or dinner. Such was the service we got from him on the development we bought. He and his wife have now set up their own little agency down there. They are good decent people, and have given us some solid advice over the years on property that we didnt even buy through them.

      Let me know if you want their details. A guy I worked with is now over there with his sister in Puerto Mazarron and they have set up another small agency near the Mercadona. Once again good honest people.

      Isla Plana and La zoiha are lovely places just 5 minutes down the road from you, you have probably already been there.

      Mula is a lovely town, very very Spanish so you would need some if you were to live there.

      There is a wealth of lovely towns around the area and you really are doing the right thing spending time there before you buy.

      Murcia City is amazing, if you pop up try and have tapas in plaza de flores, some great tapas bars there. Some lovely restuarants in Plaza san Juan. You will be spoilt for choice.

      Good luck and if I can be of any more help let me know.

      Oh hello everybody else, your advice and knowledge on this forum is amazing. I havent posted before because I just don’t have your knowledge.

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      Rioja, Thank you for a really informative message. I know where
      the mercadona is so I will call in to this office. We are planning on hiring a car so we will be able to go and see all the places you have mentioned.

      After reading all the information and advice given on this site I feel
      so much more confident about what to do when buying. I have taken a note of all marks and other members advice as we want to enjoy a happy retirement we certainly will not be buying off-plan and will be looking for a resale. Thanks again. Natalie.

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      Hi Natalie

      glad that can help. Oh I got the name of the plaza with the great restaurants in Murcia wrong, its not San Juan, its plaza Joan D’arco (Joan of Arc). Just 1 minute from the Cathedaral.

      If I think of any more I will let you know.

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      Hi Natalie,

      Camposol is more or less 10 miles from the coast so getting to the beach is not very practical. It is a vast urbanisation which you can see easily on google maps.,+Spain&ie=UTF8&ll=37.660938,-1.366704&spn=0.003695,0.009109&t=k&om=1

      It is built by a very large developer using some pre-fab building and traditional brick building. In my opinion it is a very depressing place and I know of several people with structural problems from the earth tremors in the area.


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      It looks awful, how can anybody buy them. I have seen better set out council estates in the UK.

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      Its not for everybody but then nor are other parts of Spain.

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