‘Murcia Tourism Takes Off’

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      Hi Mark,

      This is an article from Round Town News 4.11.2005. I wish you would interview this man for the Sunday Times and put him right! 🙂

      “Murcia looks set to continue as a favourite destination for tourists, and as an ideal place to live for people from other countries, according to theregion’s minsiter of tourism, commerce and consumer affairs.

      José Pablo Ruiz Abellán is a veteran politician, and in an exclusive interview with the Round Town News, he shared his vision of the future for the region. He made it very clear that he, and his colleagues, in the regional government, see foreign residents as an important part of the Murcia community. New developments are bringing jobs and prosperity to the area as more and more foreigners make their homes there. Mr Abellán spoke about his tourism responsibilities with great enthusiasm and said that growth had been tremendous over recent years. Murcia has avoided the worst of the mistakes that have been seen with the massive developments elsewhere in the past. Problems do exist, largely related to approvals given a considerable time ago, but now proper planning is attempting to see development take place on a controlled basis.”

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      I´ve just read in a newspaper that the local mafia is trying to recalificate a rural area next to Murcia for urban dev. Be careful with these guys. Not everything they build and sell is legal and you can run into a lot of troubles when you try to sell it.

      If you need to buy these days:
      – don´t buy from a builder. You might not get your house or your downpayment back.
      – use an honest lawyer if you can find one.
      – build yourself.
      – if you buy second hand these days offer from 30 to 40% less than the asking price and be firm. You´ll be surprised how many people need to sell these days.

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