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    I am currently considering purchasing an apartment ‘off plan’ at the above development. The second instalment of the first phase will be released in a couple of weeks.

    My enthusiasm has been severely dampened following a review of a number of the posts on the forum.

    I would like to canvess peoples views on the Murcia region and the above development in particular. Whats the view on the likely capital appreciation once the four phases have been completed and the likely rental returns taking into account the other developments (polaris world etc) in the surrounding area.


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    I don’t think anyone could tell you the likely capital appreciation of your off-plan no more than they could tell you the price of BP shares in 12 months time (and would you believe them if they told you?)

    For rental prices, check other properties in the area. Try these six pages that may give you an idea.

    Look at their availability to see how many weeks they have bookings

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    Anyone buying off plan for investment purposes should approach with caution. Just like any investment this is also a risky business. Two years ago nobody could have forseen the problems beeing faced today on the Costa del Sol as regards off plan property sales.

    My advice is do your research and always have a back-up plan just in case!

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