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    i wonder if anyone has had experience of renevation a property as we are moving out to costa next year.been on a few trips out but feel the properties were over priced that we seen in torre and orie areas now thinking of alcoy area. i am a joiner with all aspects of general building work

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    Alcoy is pretty,stylish and cold in the winter I have a house in the national park there and love it in summer but winters…………………………… đŸ˜†

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    No experience of the costas, but have plenty re renovating a property…pm me if you like, I can try and answer your qns. One big thing here is you are supposed to get permission (and pay taxes) for EVERYTHING from internal decorating to major works, adds 4% (in asturias at least) to the bill!!!


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    This is one of the reason that Spaniards dont bother with the paper work. Despite of a laid back life style every Spaniard is rushing some where. Further they are not blessed with patience.

    As a result they dont wait for the councils incompetancy and on top of this to pay for petty little works etc. They dont just bother.

    I have a Spanish friend of mine who bought a typical andalucian house with land, built a pool and an extension, his sister came to visit him and decided to build a mexican house on two floors, another brother came from Califorina built an cube style house, another brother decided to build a guest house a mexican cabana style.

    There are four houses there, 3 swimming pool, all illegal, water & electrcity is supplied from the first house. A boundry wall is built around and large gate has been installed as well.

    My friend and his family must have spent €6 to €7,000,000. they dont even entertain the thought that these properties could be demolished.

    A classic case of Pasa nada

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