Moving to Spain buy a property or rent for the 1st year?

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    Hello we are looking to move to Spain and looking for peoples experiences and views on renting for the 1st year then buying or buying from the outset.
    Thanks in advance J

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    Rent! I looked at two properties last year. The first turned out to have subsidence problems which are not yet resolved and will perhaps become embroiled in litigation. For the second the swimming pool had allegedly been builtâ–‘on green belt land owned by the local authorities (proposed solution being to allow locals access to the site to use the pool to compensate for the loss of land) and according to one report groups of local dogs were, in hot weather, occasionally invading the property to swim in the pool. In both properties the community charges were not being paid by around 40% of the owners, according to information that I saw. Naturally, I did not learn of any of the above from the estate agents. If you buy, you may find you’re buying into a can of worms. If you rent, you’ll find out what the neighbours are like, what the problems are and whether you’re happy to live with them (the problems and the neighbours!). Good luck and take your time!

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    And if you rent and you don’t like it you can easily move on to somewhere you will hopefully be happier….something too many people now can’t do because they are owners.

    So I agree, rent, rent, RENT first! Move around, try an urbanisation and see how you like it, try a villa near the sea?… are free to pick and choose and then one day you’ll know what you want to buy.

    There is plenty of time, prices aren’t going to go up in a long time…….

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    If you’re not familiar with the area you want to be in or the customs or practices of Spain (it’s quite different to England) definitely rent first.

    You should be in no hurry to buy a property in Spain at the moment – it’s a buyers market and prices are static, they’re not going up anytime soon and they’re not going down. So spend the time to do your research, I can’t emphasise this enough, do thorough research on where you want to be and the realistic costs of both moving there, buying there and living there.

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