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      Hi all

      Along with a lot of others I have been religiously following your forums.

      We are moving to Extremadura in 2 weeks having bought a refurbished finca last year in a tiny village where we are the first Brits to move there. Whilst we have been there we have mixed as best we can with the locals but it seems they knew all about us already!

      Any tips or advice from yourselves on living in this area would be appreciated. Currently we have no electricity, gas (bottled or otherwise)-only water.. well it’s a start.. but nothing to heat it with.

      Can’t wait for the days to pass. 😀

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      Hi Richard,
      I am happy for you to be a pioneer for the Brits in the area. The people knowing about you is not surprising as the area has been cut off due to its geographical position. As the name sugguest in Spanish.

      You will be happy to know that a large number of Spanish explorers came from this part of Spain, Make you wonder why or perhaps because of its close proximity to Portugal who had their own explorers( enough about history)

      People are freiendly and its only their good nature cureosity that they know about you. just go with flow and get involved with the people never mind the language etc. body language is the best language.

      In so far as the heating goes you dont need to worry about it until say Oct/Nov.

      Good luck and keep on contributing to the forum.

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