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      Louie Shilling

      Hi All

      I trust you’re all well, I was reading through the forum, some great content and advice! I’m confident to say im in the right place for the advice i seek, So for a bit of context:

      I am moving to Benidorm soon and I’m looking at setting up a Phone case business over there as my main source of income, I took inspiration from the company I brought one from the other month. I’ve done extensive research into it and I’m very confident I can do this comfortably, however within my business model im lacking a few things & I’m hoping to take some advice from you guys regarding the commercial property side of things.
      <h5>Commercial Advice</h5>
      So I’m looking into a commercial storage for the cases, but i really don’t know if im overpaying for a unit, at the moment im seeing €350-€700 p.m I mean I won’t need a huge unit. OR I could store over here in the UK for £200-£250 p.m however that means i’ll have to spend £300-£500 p.m to ship it over to the UK – Do you think it’s worth keeping storage over in the UK or Spain? Am i being quoted too much? And could Brexit cause an issue?
      <h5>Residential Advice</h5>
      So i have found a 1 bed apartment for €166,000 in a block on flats overlooking the ocean, i think this is quite a fair price, but not knowing the area inside & out, would you say this is a fair price? Also the cost of moving is definitely something to take into account, i.e. solicitor fees, moving costs, and all the stuff in between, now I’ve been told I’ll be looking to pay anywhere between £12,500-£15,000 once all is said & done, does this sound like a correct figure to you all?

      Thank you all in advance for the help here.It’s greatly appreciated.



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      James Kane

      Hi James
      I did a similar thing to you back in 2000’s I set up a small bookkeeping software – funnily enough I took inspiration from a software my friend used (Ember) & I thought I’d move over to Madrid once it was all up & running, I moved back home after 3 years due to family circumstances, however when I was there I bought a 2 home for $270,000 so i agree I believe $166,000 is a fair price, however try to look at an $160,000 offer, which could help you towards your solicitor fees, I paid around $10,000 in fees, moving, tax etc so with inflation through the years, I’d say your quote would be quite fair, I didn’t have the need for commercial storage but I hope I lent some advice on the residential side!
      Good Luck

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