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    Can I please some information on the following:

    1) Can an existing car be part exchanged for new or a second hand through normal dealership.

    2) Does BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, dealers have used cars which come with their years warranty etc as in UK.

    3) What documents one needs for handing in the existing car & should receive for the purchase of a new one/second hand ones.

    4) I understand that Spanish Government contributes few hundred €s, towards replacement of the old car. Does this apply only when the old car is being written off.

    5) Do they have glasses guide or something similar.

    6) Is it a nightmare, like most things in Spain. ie, papers, taxes, notary & gestors etc.

    Many thanks

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    Don’t come inside this part of the forum often, hence the delay….!

    1. Yes they will offer you a price, of course lower than you could get if you sold privately, however if you went down the private road. Spanish law gives the buyers more rights if things go wrong. (That rings a bell doesn’t it..!)

    2. All cars (2nd hand & new) sold though dealers come with a warranty. It 1 or 2 years.

    3. To buy a car in Spain from a dealer you need empadronamiento, NIE & money!

    4. I think it’s only if it is scrapped and over X years old.

    5. There is a guide which insurance companies etc use for prices in cars. If you buy a car you pay tax according to the value, this value is written in stone by the hacienda. I was told a website name a while back from my insurance company which has all guide prices for car, age of car etc.

    6. Yes lots of paperwork and yes you need a gestor saves having to queue up at traffico and makes sure you don’t get scammed when buying private. However a dealer would do this all for you.


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    Thank you ian_ok, Aplogy for not responding earlier. Can you please explain what is “empadronamiento,” ??

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    I could say it’s just more paperwork…..

    It’s like the UK Electorial register, take your deeds/rental contract to the town hall and they will register you.


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