Most over-50s have no intention of living overseas

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      Most over-50s have no intention of living overseas

      Economic difficulties may be causing older people’s interest in moving abroad to dwindle, new research suggests.

      According to research conducted by M&S Money, only six per cent of Britons between 50 and 70 years old are thinking about retiring abroad.

      While one in 10 people agreed that they would like to purchase a second home for holidays, most people interviewed said that they had no interest in moving permanently overseas after they finished working.

      When asked what travel they would like to do in ther old age, the largest group – 44 per cent – said they would prefer to take a holiday of no more than two weeks, while only five per cent said they would consider travelling for between six months and a year.

      Appetite for travel appeared to shrink as people grew older.Those aged aged 50-60 who were interviewed for the survey were signficantly more willing to travel for six months to a year (8 per cent) than those aged 61-70 (5 per cent).

      The survey results went against previous research undertaken by the Institute for Public Policy Research in 2006, which estimated that one in five people would be retiring overseas by 2050.

      Difficulties with obtaining healthcare in Spain and France will be a further disincentive.

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      I can understand really, I would not want to retire in Spain as such, but I think 6 months in the uk during the summer months and 6 months in spain during the winter months, would be the perfect lifestyle.
      I found the healthcare in spain to be better than the uk whilst I lived there.

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      The number of people emigrating from the UK dropped by 30,000 last year. I know many who do November to March in Spain. They always seemed to be the happiest and more balanced out of all the pensioners.

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