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      Hi Everyone

      I posted on here last year and got some great advice from people (thanks Inez you were excellent).

      Since then I have been in regular contact with the bank trying to negotiate to resolve this. Shortly after I lost my job which hasnt helped !!

      My situation now is this. I still have the property. I am in arrears over 7 months now and have been speaking to the lender on a regular basis but they have not been helpful at all. I asked for the arrears to be addd to the loan or at least some of the arrears, or to pay Interest Only until things improve but they said no to both ! I am sure an english lender would be more responsive and try to resolve this.

      I have a tenant in the property and he is happy there. The rent covers less than half of the monthly mortgage payment but at least its something coming in. I can hopefully soon make up the difference and pay the mortgage every month now.

      How do I stand with the tenant in the property ? He has an 11 month contract. Can the lender still repossess with a tenant in the property or does it make it difficult for them ? Ideally I want to keep the property and make payments to eat into the arrears. I have invested too much money since I bought 6 years ago just to let it go.

      Lat year my girlfriend made a few payments to the mortgage sending money directly to the lender. We are no longer together but they are chasing her saying because she sent money over she is now liable for the mortgage as well !! Is this correct ? She is not on the Escritura and is not on the mortgage loan !

      I dont know what to do. The bank are threateneing repossession and have been for a long time.

      Any advice would be appreciated. I am out of ideas with the lender !

      Many thanks

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      @Chris McCarthy wrote:

      …..actually the Spanish banks, for their own reasons and problems, have been bending over backwards to help anyone and everyone who can’t pay their mortgage this past year, their bendability has been astounding as it happens.

      “…their bendability has been astounding as it happens”.

      Maybe Chris can help you, he seems to know things/people you don’t.

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