More Demolitions!

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      The Olive press reported another 2 demolitions ordered this week. Both British of course 🙄 It must be even more galling to see spaniards living around them who are not touched. beginning to seem like a witch hunt.

      Here is one comment from the newspaper, I agree.

      We don’t appear to know the full story but it’s quite obviously a racist decision. I can point out at least three buildings in this area, all Spanish owned, one; a bungalow, officially a stable, two; a huge extension of two storeys, no planning, but given an agricultural licence when completed, three; a “garage” erected just two years back, complete with TV aerial and services.
      All this pales into insignificance when that vast hotel at Cabo de Gata with dubious planning consents is considered, but here the Government will spend 300,000,000 euros of taxpayers money for its demolition!!
      But you can’t win, Jenny and John, you’re not Spanish, not crooked and haven’t got pots of money. The powers-that-be will spend any amount to put you down.
      I’d move all your belongings back to civilisation, and throw in a couple of sticks of gelignite, let them clear it all up. You’d be better treated in the Congo!

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