More corrupted to the jail!! (MURCIA)

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    Today 8 more people arrested!

    This is in Murcia and between them is the last council of Totana in the Murcia Region.

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    Between the jailed is not the ex-major. “Only” his ex-wife and actual girlfriend. The ex-major now form part of the goverment of murcia so he is invunerable to detentions for now!

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    More fresh news!!

    Actual major of Totana arrested!! The main suspect is the ex-major but his can be actually arrested because he forms part of the parlament of Murcia.

    The case of Totana is getting pretty big dimensions and we know day by day more information of this shameless usual practice in Spain by councils.

    In this case is presunted that a illegal commision of 1 million euros was gained with the conversion of rustic land in urban one in order to develop the typical golf resort in a zone with lack of water.

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    The boss of the Totana police also arrested!

    Nice one!

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    Supporters of the arrested major of Totana in these last days:

    Typical Spanish

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    Last news about the case:

    The ex-major of Totana, Juan Morales, was going to receive 1 million euro for the permision in the development of 5000 homes by Nuaria Group. Also he would receive 2 millions euros more when the homes were completed.

    After these news appeared today in the media his political party is asking him for dimission in this charge in the goverment of Murcia so he can be charged and judged by the justice.

    His political party here in Murcia knew all this but they didnt act until the news were embarrasing for them.

    So an evil mayor like this was going to get 3 MILLION EUROS for 1 of the 53 developments approved in very strange conditions before local elections, so you can imagine the level of corruption and the amount of money they get with your savings here in Spain.

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    I remember that here in Murcia, the zone I live and I know there is other mayors under the eye of justice and waiting for investigation results:

    Aguilas, Torre Pacheco, Los Alcazares, Puerto Lumbreras, …. A endless list.

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    Quote typicallyspanish:

    ‘The President of Murcia, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, is seen as the most influential person in the Region, according to a new opinion poll carried out by the consultancy, Consultores CSA, on behalf of the professional association, Seniors Club. It polled 1,111 people across the Region, and asked three questions: the three main problems, the three most influential people, and the three most important organisations or businesses.

    The Grupo Fuertes is in the top spot for the most important business or organisation. Polaris World came out second, and CajaMurcia in third……..’. END

    😯 The Greatest Problem is Water.

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    Says it all doesn’t it! Thanks Peter for keeping us informed and well spotted Suzanne.

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    I suppose it is possible that a company on the list of ‘most important’ is there because something needs to be done, rather than praise ❓ ❓ But, maybe not ❗
    We can but hope.

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    If something very possible to be there is found by the police in Alhama the 3 keys business in Murcia will be affected:

    1. Grupo Fuertes more well known to be EL POZO Alimentación but actually its manager is the single person with more urbanizable land in all Spain in his hands.

    2. Polaris World with some great developments in Alhama de Murcia. Curiously, Alhama de Murcia is the location of the main factory and the birth place of Grupo Fuertes.

    3. CajaMurcia. All big developments need money. Here is the bank.

    I am sure nothing bad will be put to the light cause the economic issues would be catastrophic for Murcia.

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