More cafe’s & bar’s…. is this happening in your town?

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    Here in Sanlucar de Barrameda ( Costa de la Luz ) 20km from Jerez, new cafes and bars are opening at an alarming rate. Barely a week goes by when a new ones pop’s up and/or the work on refurbishing the former furniture shop, parafarmacia or estate agents office start turning it into one more cafe/bar.

    Here the population is 65k and the town has an enormous amount of cafes already, when you go out and about after the shops close at 8.30 -9pm the place is very quiet and only at weekends do bars get busy. Is there really so much profit when you take out 260 Euros for being self employed and then all the other over heads??? I think not…!

    i also heard this week that if you open a bar which is like a ‘socio’ bar and only open at weekends, you do not have to pay as much taxes…?

    Is anyone else seeing the same???


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    We see a huge turnover of cafe’s in La Linea. From month to month new ones pop-up and others disappear. Suspect its normal in Spain.

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    It is a normal practise in Spain to open bars in the fasionable part of the town/city and close in the area that has gone out of not in fashion. You will see the same owners behind opening & closing of the bars. This could one of the reasons & further it is a nice front to launder money. La Linea being in the front line.

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    Similar around here with many new ones opening.

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    Maybe, as the Houses are illegal. Opening a bar perhaps not !!!!!!!!!!!!

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