More bad news for Spain

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      Just out of interest….the photograph in the article says Costa Del Sol, but it doesn’t specify the town, can anyone confirm where it is? (I’m fairly sure it’s not the CDS)


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      Fascinating. I too have noticed bars and restaurants being much quieter when visiting over the last few months. However…

      Enquiries for my apartment have been much higher than last year, and i’m booked from 8 july to 10 september plus 3 shoulder weeks and all january next year, and Jan, Feb and March this year.

      Perhaps people are trading down from hotels or villas. In any case i’m up on last year.

      Those who will really suffer are the english bars and restaurants, with their silly prices for sausage egg and chips and Tetleys. They’ll die. Period.

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      I have been saying for a while that the Coast is dead. The Tourism Chief says it was noticed in December, even last August there were less visitors!

      Tourists are fickle, they become tired of the same ole’. Both British and Spanish businesses will take a hit..many closed already. plus german etc.

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