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    Has anyone else bought at this country club ? We have a plot and have a few issues but overalll what a beautiful place.

    Particuarly interested in anybody’s eperience of building there and issues.


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    You only have to look at the terrain to know that building there can be a bit of a challenge on some plots. I was talking to someone last year who knows more about it than I do. I’ll see if I can get them to reply to this.


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    Hi Larchwood. Hi Mark.

    Monte Mayor, hmmm.

    Built out a few houses next door at the Marbella Club Golf Resort. Very tricky terrain up there. Huge retaining wall expenses for the most part.

    Probably when you were sold MM the estate agent/on-site agent told you : €300k for the plot, €300 for the build, you’ll be all in for €600k. Am I right?

    In reality try: €300k for the plot + 16% IVA, €200k for the retaining wall + 16% IVA, €400k for the build + 16% IVA, €100k for the licences, architect, etc + 16% IVA. More like all in for €1.2m.

    Unless you have a plot with a very clear build platform, a spectacular view and you wish to build a house for personal pleasure then hold fire on construction right now. Plenty of already finished and part-complete villa reposessions up there and at MCGR next door.

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    frankly, both those areas are in big trouble and sellers are cutting 50% off their prices and still cant sell ………. LOCATION; LOCATION; LOCATION

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    Just a small correction on the sdogsen posting on costs; (duff info can cause harm); the tax on the house construction including the retaining wall is 7% and NOT 16%… this (7%) is the case if you put the property in your own private name (99% of owners) ……….. developers who run an SL will pay 16% but can get some or most back if and when they sell……… with the changes in CGT recently and the hounding of offshore companies owning SL’s private owners do not bother with SL’s nowadays!!!

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    if you are worried about the costs, the advise we would give is simple but effective:

    a.- Get a quote from an architect and technical architect in order to fix their fees for drafting the project and also for being in control of the works. If the quote is fine, a contract should be signed to put limits to the architect, so that he does not issue certifications without your authorisation.

    b.- Do not accept any quote from a builder straigh away without fixing exactly all issues. A contract should be signed protecting your interests (which means that the builder will have to follow the project exactly) and removing all kind of uncertainties (specially open clauses such us “this quote covers x and y but in the event there is more you would have to pay the difference”). If you do not do it so, you will probably regret it.

    c.- Count with a 7% (and from June 10 an 8%) of VAT tax, calculated on the quote for the works according to the contract. On top you should add the town hall fees, which also depend on this, along with the ten years guarantee costs and the report on soil stability.

    d.- Make sure the contract incorporates a retention to guarantee the small snag repairs.

    In the event you want to contact us please contact use

    Good luck

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    I put down deposits on ten plots on MMGC back in 2003.
    The developer was La Perla anytand several of my plots have subsequently been sold onto a third party without my permission.
    I have engaged two seperate firms of Spanish Lawyers to obtain my deposits back through the courts without success.(I was not happy with the performance of both Lawyers as they seemed to fob me off anfter paying their fees up front of course)
    can anyone offer any advice on obtaining my deposit monies back?

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    Sorry to hear your situation. Did you use a lawyer when you bought the land ? Was your name not added on to the land registry ?? By your lawyers/Notary. If this was added what is the date of sale to the third party ? Before or after you bought !!!!!!!!!!

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    hanley doesn’t say he bought; just paid deposits!!!!!!!!!!!! bit late nine years later!!!!!!!!

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    I used two spanish lawyers.
    I only paid deposits. When I was asked to proceed with the purchase, my lawyer informed me that there were liens still outstanding on the land and the plans and services had not been passed by the marbella town hall.
    there were other mistruths.
    I was informed by La Perla that the above information I had received from my lawyer was incorrect.
    On this information, I decided not to proceed with the purchase and requested a refund of my deposits as they breeched their contract.
    In 2003 I instigated legal proceedings against La Perla as they would not return my funds.
    Both sets of lawyers in my opinion have not acted as they should and only cost me more wasted money.
    Any suggestions?

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    They probebly have been bribed by the developers !!!!!!!!!!!! I suppose I need to have a proof ready for my views.

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