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    Just to divert a little from the norm, thought I would post a couple of snippets of news found on the ‘Typically Spanish’ website:

    The Spanish Minister for Culture, Carmen Calvo, announced yesterday afternoon that the Spanish Government has asked both the United States and Britain for information on the flight which went from Gibraltar Airport to Tampa in Florida last Thursday in which the Odyssey company transferred the treasure found on the sea bed.

    Speaking in Bilbao, the Minister said that as soon as she heard the company was claiming a find of treasure worth 370 million €, she immediately asked for information on the exact location of the site, its identity, nationality and contents. The Minister said the information from Odyssey was ‘unclear, scant and suspicious’, and the Government would continue to investigate whether a crime has been committed.

    Am impressed with the speed the Spanish Government has moved on this…..but of course they smell MONEY! What a pity they can’t move as quickly when it comes to tackling the corruption in their country.

    “The current assets of Marbella, as estimated by the Management Committee still running the town, do not amount to even a quarter of the amount thought to have been taken away from the town in the Malaya corruption dealings.

    The Committee has estimated the assets of the Town Hall stand at 542.7 million €, while the Police estimate that the money defrauded from the Town Hall by the corrupt dealings amounts to over 2.4 billion €”.

    Maybe the Management Committee should follow Roca’s (apparent) lead, and purchase some lottery tickets…

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    😆 😆 The UK should tell the Minister for Culture that it is an internal matter, the same as the FCO are telling people on this site who complain about Spain. Can I just add another couple of snippets…

    Police were called out in Fuengirola last week after a complaint about a badly parked 4×4. They noticed money coming out from the spare wheel 😯 Further investigation revealed 230,000 euros, believed to be money laundering.

    A link from today’s Typically Spanish takes you to a cartoon on Myspace put on by the Paritido Popular. A toy train sets off from Marbella with Roca as the driver and all the others in the malaya case as passengers, clinging on at the back is the PSOE candidate! Of course PSOE have complained 🙄

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    Shame we can’t see a similar train chugging out of the station with Blair and co. on it!
    They could all meet up at the next station with Roca and co. and exchange stories on how best to make money – like cash for honours, putting the wife out to give ‘charity’ speeches for thousand of pounds a time – and of course there are always those memoirs to publish.

    Nah -prefer the lottery ticket idea – according to Roca and his family’s experience it’s a dead cert money-maker.

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    It’s true! I won 11 euros on euromillions last week 😉

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    Typicallyspanish quote:
    ‘The Civil Guard in Melilla has uncovered an alleged fraud in the capture of votes by the PP controlled Government in the city.

    It seems that 60 € vouchers for food were being given to those who have voted by post for the Partido Popular.’

    The bribary just goes on & on ❗

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