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    I have just read this when Googling” Elviria Sur,” as I wanted to see what the construction site was that has been cordened off. Moleon is the construction company associated with Eralia, and who were the architects?constructors of Green Hills. They are also part of the Moleon/Conmar company. Jimminez Moleon is a director of Marbella Vista Golf, the company set up by Eralia and with whom our contracts were with.

    Marbella Management Commitee want to see more documents
    By h.b.
    Mon, 08 May 2006, 07:31

    The Marbella Management Committee has said that they still have no idea of the extent of the real estate irregularities in the town. They say they need to see more documents, and will ask the judge instructing the Caso Malaya for access to more paperwork.
    The Committee also intends to cancel all appeals made by the previous town hall administration against the legal sentences handed down against it for illegal construction in the town.

    The member of the Committee responsible for town planning, Rafael Duarte, will go to the courts tomorrow (Monday) to ask for the documents. Duarte estimates that there are some 800 legal rulings against Marbella Town Hall, and many of them relate to construction.

    Meanwhile, The official taping up of illegal building works in Marbella now affects 582 homes under construction in the town. The latest action was against 181 homes under construction by the Moleón S.A. company in the area of Elviria Sur. The Regional High Court of Justice issued an order to stop construction at the site back in 2004.
    The management committee says it will start to issue new construction licences from next week.

    Meanwhile Congress will debate a PP proposal tomorrow to change the electoral law to bring forward the local elections in Marbella. The idea is expected to be rejected by the PSOE Socialists.

    If anyone can find out if this is Green Hills we would be most grateful.

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    I don’t know which one it is, because of the name I wondered if it was on the beach side of the road. I know there are some blocks there where work was stopped over a year ago. They are at the side of the site of the small Friday market.

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    One of our group emailed me the same text within 2 minutes of me posting this!! I know that there are several developments that are questionable in Elviria. It’s just that Moleon work with Eralia. hmm 😕

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    Hi acornestates, I think Las Vistas may be affected. I have googled Moleon Construcciones(sp) and translated a page of El Pais. It shows 2 developments.The Las Vistas picture comes under Sur Inversionnes Sema.( Eralia).

    Green Hills has been cordoned off too. I have seen the photos from someone who was there in APRIL!! !

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    Hi Claire, Any idea if this includes Los Lagos?

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    I don’t know stina. Sarah Dodgson was going to give Mark( admin) a list of developments.

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    A bit late for this posting, but when this was going on we were travelling. Anyway, better late than never!

    Los Lagos was not part of this particular article (April & May 2006), although as far as I know, it does not have an LFO! (Many infractions: square meterage too small, more apartments built than on the plans, quality of materials, etc etc etc). I am sure Los Lagos will feature in the media at some point or other!

    The ‘Sur Inversiones Sema’ is actually Santa Maria Green Hills. Claire, if you remember from our research with the Town Hall Planning back in October 2005-January 2006, Sur Inversiones is the owner of the Building licence for Green Hills. The Chain of command for this development was:

    APEX 2000 (see Iberdrolla)
    Sur Inversiones (27/11/03)
    Arvum SL (Desarollo Urbanistico y Promociones Arvum SL)- did not get it!
    Marbella Vista Golf SL – asked and did not get it.

    (Cute if you consider that MVG is the developer but does not own the building licence of the project!!!) 😆


    acornestates- I don’t know if you have completed on your apartment in Las Vistas. If I were you I would be veeeeeeeeeery cautious. I know that this may be coming a bit late but we were travelling…..

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    According to someone I had a conversation with a week or so ago,(in the know) Los lagos has/is getting the LFO!

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    Hi Claire, I have been told that they have LFO by the famous administrative silence. Is that what you have heard, or are they actually getting a “proper” LFO?

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    Hi stina.

    I don’t know the answer to that. Sorry! I did say that I was very surprised if they had as there are so many issues with that development eg, the bridge that you have to cross to access the development and quality of materials/work to name but two! It probably is the dreaded “AS” rule!! 😯

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    You are probably right! 😥

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    Hi Sofia / Claire

    I have not completed on las Vistas. I have instructed my Lawyers ( ME ) to cancel my contract and refund my deposit. I said that I do not want to go to courts but if we can agree mutually and cancel the contract. My lawyers say this will take time maybe till end of summer. I do not know what to do. Listen to them or change the lawyers. I am fed up with Spain and have looked at other areas.

    Any advice will be welcome

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    Hi Acornestates,

    Judging from how people in your same position are faring from GH in Elviria, this could take a VERY long time. They started their proceedings in March this year. I don’t think you have a cat in hells chance of getting your money back with out going to Court…but that is just my opinion. 😉 As for your lawyer?….. I’ll pm you!

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