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      ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION with DAVID HAMMERSTEIN (European Member of Parliament), ecologist groups and regional associations joined in the fight against urban abuse

      AULAN (Abusos Urbanísticos Levante Almeriense – ¡No!), in collaboration with its sister association AUAN, has organised a round table discussion for Saturday, May 30, beginning at 11am in the conference hall of the Hotel Best, Mojácar Playa.

      In the Round Table, participating from Almería Province, will be:

      • Ecologistas en Acción (Almería)
      • Abusos Urbanísticos Almanzora – ¡No! (AUAN, Almanzora Valley)
      • Levante Sostenible (LSOS)
      • Abusos Urbanísticos Levante Almeriense – ¡No! (AULAN, Almería Coast)

      From Valencia will come members of the first and largest anti-urban abuse group and instigator of the Auken Report submitted to the European Parliament (containing a resolution condemning the lack of basic rights in Spain for homeowners, as well as multiple abuses of the environment):

      • Abusos Urbanísticos – ¡No! (AUN, Valencia)

      As special guest:

      • David Hammerstein, European Member of Parliament

      The goal of the meeting is to enable the various groups to begin working together towards demanding that the recommendations outlined in the European Parliament resolution contained in the Auken Report be carried out.

      The event is open to all interested members of the public. In the audience will also be candidates from the upcoming European elections:

      • Sean O’Curneen Cañas (Centro Democrático Liberal)
      • José Francisco Papi (Unión de Progreso y Democrático)

      For more information, call Lenox Napier on 649471219.

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      Hi Mark

      Thank you for posting this important public meeting, it gives us a chance to hear from the horses mouth, “the Auchen report,” and it’s consequences, that was passed recently by the European parliament David Hammerstein was the only Spanish MEP to vote for it, and although an MEP for the Green party, I for one feel sure he wants a speedy solution to the report, as the consequences are dire.

      This is probably going to be one of the most press covered and publicised discussions, and needs the support of all affected illegal home owners, and land grabbed victims, to ensure that all go away understanding there is a human element to all these issues, and if we do not support the meeting, and turn out, then why should they take notice of the apathy of those so badly affected. “Urbanos No” groups have paid out money for this meeting, the least we can do is support it. It is open to all the public.

      If the Auchen report recommendations are upheld, this would have grave consequences to the Spanish economy, the Spanish reputation in Europe, and high unemployment and crime. Which will in fact affect all of us, legal or not, Spanish or Ex Pat.

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      I’ve written up the meeting at

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      Great event. great speeches great organiation by AULAN, objectives and aims achieved,
      Lenox you are a star, and hope you get the credit you deserve for your support to the individuals that need help and support so desperately.

      By the way, any chance of your daughters telephone number?.

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      hello Lenox,

      Did “amigos del parque natural cabo de gata” go to this meeting? also, do you have any idea if the “PORN” plan general of 2008 for cabo de gata is going to be scrapped? As you know these illegal plastic invernaderos are invading the park and disfiguring the area !! – any info on the PORN would be welcome. thanks a lot, U beda

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      Hi Ubeda – no sign of the Cabo de Gata group.
      The next step after the ’round table’ is to get a broad base of agreement on the ‘decalogue’ between grass-roots organisations and also to open up dialogue between all the different associations concerned with urban corruption and ‘illegal builds’.
      Then give the authorities seven kinds of hell.

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