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      I am filling in Modelo 210 online (renta imputada 2013). Pleasantly surprised that the procedure is lengthy but straightforward

      While filling in Modelo 210, two points have arisen

      1. nowhere in the form does it ask for information on the purchase date of the property. Having purchased the property in June 2013 I guess I am only liable for a fraction of the yearly amount. Do the Spanish tax authorities work this out from their records?

      2. both my name and that of my wife appear on the property registration document. Do we both need to file separate tax returns?

      Dandole anticipadas gracias

      Neville Willmott

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      Hello Neville,

      My understanding is that in the first year the payment is pro rata from the month you purchased the property. I’m not sure how they determine it, but they will have some method no doubt to check your calculation.

      My wife and I both submit separate modelo 210 forms as we are in the same situation as yourself.

      Hope this helps.



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      what happens if this tax is not paid? Is it calculated and deducted at sale? not everyone is aware of it, confusing it with wealth tax, and no reminders are issued or so it appears

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      The tax is calculated pro rata to the day, so you pay for the time you have owned it, if you have not paid the tax it can be logged against the house, it will then be deducted from the retention tax that was deducted from the sale, I think this is still 3% of sale price, they can also add fines and interest

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      This online form at is sending me loco! Fortunately I have nearly a full year to get to grips with it 🙂

      All I’m trying to do is pay the renta imputada for 2015 😥  It keeps stating that the full amount due is wrong 😥

      The issue seems to be that as I purchased the property part-way through the year, I guess it’s not accepting a pro-rata amount for a part-year.

      But I can not find a start date to be entered anywhere (nor will it let me do quarterly periods).

      I tried entering the pro-rata amount at 20% tax, then I tried at 19.5% tax (EU tax rate changed on 12/07/15), then I tried using the correct mix of the two tax rates pro-rata for the correct number of days at each tax rate…

      and now, having spent hours searching various forums, I give up!

      Btw the correct amount is 47,84euros, but no matter what method I try it will not validate (error in full amount due).

      Any ideas?

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