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      Sorry nothing about property , just Movistar up to their usual tricks.

      I have a pay as you go phone with Movistar, I do not have a contract because although the calls work out cheaper I can control my expenditure more easily with pay as you go.

      I have noticed recently that Movistar is charging 15 cents +IVA when I request my balance , it used to be free and I could ask twice a day.

      Additionally the cost of texting seems to have rocketed , I have sent three messages and my credit has gone down 1,75e, they were inside Spain not to Cuba to wish Fidel Castro a happy retirement.

      Just a word of warning to other Movistar customers . I know I am talking about peanuts but Movistar and their infamous parent company play these tricks all the time. They announce prices are down on one type of call and then put charges up on another.

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      I have also had recently a row with movistar in my company. In my company we use an software application installed in blackberry devices in order to send information to our servers.

      This should use a service called Internet GPRS where you only pay for the quanty of information transmitted (in KB). In the majority of the users this is working well and the bill is only between 1 and 5 euros month for this concept.

      But recently some users bills are getting E-MOCION concepts in which each connections cost 0,5 euros so the bill gets 60 euros ore more.

      So you can imagine how much money is stealing movistar to our company when we have about 15 users using this application.

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      Movistar has started advertising on OCI (Radio in English) with what appears a good offer,knowing Movistar over many years there will be a sting in the tail. Caveat Emptor read the small print with a microscope.

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      I Had to respond to this one! I recently cahnged my phone to Vodafone and had to take a new number thanks to the utter incompetence and complacency of Movistar

      Last year my buisiness partner and I moved out contracts to a company one and took a 3rd phone for the office. I have been with Movistar for 4 years now.

      He somehow got a virus on his phone which meant that whilst it was turned on, it was sending out I dont know what but over the internet part. Bill came in at 400+ euros!!! Business partner left the business at the same time and so he and secretary went to Movistar office with all the paperwork.

      Heard nothing but next bill was over 500 euros! Nothing done about the virus and they hadnt moved his phone off the business contract and to his personal contract!

      I refused to pay and mt secretary spent 2 hours screaming at them down the phone. Finally they agreed to split the bills down and me only pay my part (they refused to admiot they had received the initial paperwork which had to be sent again!) with exbp paying his. We even got a special works number!

      It would take 2 weeks to do, the new bill would come and I could pay enabling my service to be fully conected. At this stage I could rcieve calls but couldnt make any so I had to carry a 2nd phone with me to do so!

      After 3 weeks secretary rang to find out what was happening – only to be told they had decided NOT to do this now and I would have to pay

      At that point I told them where to stick it, I wasnt paying and I went to Vodafone – I had to change all my numbers etc

      What a con artist they are!

      They used to be cheap but I reckon profits are coming down with many people careful about their bills now, so they have to find other ways to sting people!

      Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! 👿

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      Not wishing to spoil your post, but as a a software engineer working for the largest mobile phone manufacturer your story about a virus infecting your business partners mobile phone is not possible. (in terms of data charges that have been inccured and other praticalities)

      I don’t doubt that it is the story you have been told, but the unfortunate truth will be that your business partner has used his/her mobile phone as a modem to a PC and downloaded a lot of data.

      Any coincindence that he/she was leaving??

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      At that point I told them where to stick it, I wasnt paying and I went to Vodafone – I had to change all my numbers etc

      You could have a problem or two by not paying.

      1) Trying to get a phone with Movistar and probably Telefonica will be impossible in your name.

      2) They are quite likely to put your name on record at two credit rating agencies ASNEF AND RAI, this will blacklist you and make it all but impossible to raise a mortgage or arrange a loan.

      What Telefonica and Movistar get away with is incredible, the “privatisation” was a farce , many telecomunication companies have come into Spain and tried to break the monopoly but have retired with their tails between their legs.

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