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      I’ve recently been approached by a number of non-resident Spanish home owners who have received letters from Suma Gestión Tributaria (Costa Blanca) delivered to their UK addresses. The letters are informing them that they owe property tax and that if they don’t pay the outstanding debt within two weeks their houses will be up for public auction. This seems to be a new approach being taken by Suma and I wondered if the same is happening in any other areas?

      What is particularly interesting from our point of view is that Suma seem to have obtained addresses from some source other than those given to them by the owners. We’re assuming that this is as a result of cooperation between the Spanish and UK Tax Authorities. The letters are also translated into English, which we find unusual and advise home owners that if they are non-resident they must have a fiscal representative in Spain. Although perhaps advisable, we’re not aware that this is in fact a legal requirement.

      They certainly aren’t pulling any punches and are giving a very short period of time ( a matter of weeks) for people to settle any debts. We’ve had some very anxious people on the phone even though we’ve been warning non-residents for a long time that the Spanish Tax Authority is getting tougher on taxes.

      If you are interested in seeing the letter you can download it here:

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      Scam or hoax comes to mind. Where is the official letterhead? UK tax authorities do not collaborate by providing addresses etc. to other countries, infact they would be breaking the law by doing so. If I had received one I would take it along to the relevant dept. in Spain. Not even correct on facts!

      Suppose companies like your could benefit by this though 🙄

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      I’m sorry, but this is a genuine letter, we have been helping this person to sort out their taxes as a result of them contacting us and we have been in communication with Suma about it. It is not a scam. If anyone does receive a letter such as this we suggest that they contact Suma directly.

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      @spartridge wrote:

      we’re not aware that this is in fact a legal requirement.

      Come on Susan, you are a Spanish Tax advisor. You know the associated legal requirements and of course you know that there is NO legal requirement to have a fiscal representative if you are non-resident and only own 1 property.

      What’s with the “we’re not aware” implying ambiguity regarding the situation.

      It’s crystal clear:- No Fiscal representation is required.

      Of course paying your taxes via a fiscal representative for convenience is another matter.

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