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      Tim in Bcn

      A lot of people suggest that renting your property for more than 1 month in Barcelona is not considered a tourist rental. However, I can find nothing on the government website to confirm this. They only mention short term v long term with no real definitions. Does anybody know?


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      Hi Tim

      If you rent for less than 30 days per year then you don’t have to apply for a holiday rental licence. But there is nothing to stay you can’t offer longer than 30 day stays with your H.U.T. registration (although in other regions this stipulation is in force).

      If you are in Barcelona City and don’t yet have a licence, it’s unlikely you will get one at the moment, as there is a freeze on licences in the city.

      However, if you offer stay of a four week plus duration, you can offer accommodation under the LAU (Ley Arrendamientos Urbano – Urban Tenancy Act). Unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to advertise your property as tourist accommodation. So no advertising on sites like HomeAway, Airbnb, etc.


      Hope this helps


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      Another thing to mention Tim. If you have your H.U.T. number then you will know that you must register every guest with local authorities and that includes duration of stay. If there is an issue with a four week plus stay, then they will notify you.

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