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      I am desperate to resolve a property dispute that I am trying to address at the moment at the above location.

      I know there are other (British) people in the same situation as me so please please get in touch if you are one of them as my contract has been breached on at least two accounts and I have been trying to obtain my deposit back for over a year after purchasing from Palmeria Properties.

      Basically most of the complex still has not even been started after over four years so the promised annual rent has fell well short as has the cast iron promise of a resale within one year. I am well and truly stuck.

      Please contact me if you can offer any help or advise or have similar experience.



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      99.999% of people who bought off plan in Spain were told they could flip easily and they would get great rental income. All lies!! Property not finished several months/ years after contract date? Par for the course I’m afraid. I don’t think you have a leg to stand on regards re-selling and lack of rental income. As regards property late delivery, you need to find a good ,independent litigation lawyer. Hopefully you have a Bank Guarantee for all the money you have paid out to the developer.

      Good Luck.

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      Dear Jason,
      Surely you have documentation with a completion dat, for example. There are many ways to attack cases like yours, but it is fundamental to go through all the documents and find the plans of action.
      Feel free to contact us.

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